Mayor of Zweibruecken Visits TLT-Turbo

On 4th May 2022, Mayor Dr. Marold Wosnitza visited the TLT-Turbo global headquarters. Mrs. Anne Kraft from the “Wirtschaftsförderung Zweibrücken” joined him for the visit and the two were welcomed by TLT-Turbo’s Managing Directors, Xiongfei Zhao and Matthias Adamy.

The visit included a tour of the facility and meeting various members of the TLT-Turbo team. The Mayor was interested in learning more about TLT-Turbo. First of all, the company in general was introduced, including topics such as the global locations of TLT-Turbo and the long-standing cooperation with the parent company PowerChina. The product range and its application areas were also discussed, as well as the activities and
functions of TLT-Turbo’s Zweibrücken site.

Source: City Zweibrücken/jj
Source: City Zweibrücken/jj

The on-site test stands were also presented with an explanation on the types and methods of testing carried out here. To showcase TLT-Turbo’s products, a demonstration of the new MoJet® Fan was staged for the visitors. The on-site test hall was filled with smoke using a fog machine allowing the MoJet® Fan to show its capability in swiftly extracting the smoke. This showcased not only the performance of the fan, but also provided a clear visualization of the air flow lines.

Source: City Zweibrücken/jj
Source: City Zweibrücken/jj

The visit also provided an opportunity for the Mayor to get to know TLT-Turbo’s new leadership team and to discuss the city’s future support for the company. The Mayor, Mrs. Kraft and TLT-Turbo’s management team discussed the environmental conditions of the Zweibrücken site with regard to the availability of qualified employees, an improvement in internet bandwidth and electrical power capacity, and the location of TLT-Turbo GmbH in an area at risk of flooding.

“Mr. Wosnitza and Mrs. Kraft have promised us their support and cooperation on these important issues. It was great to show the Mayor around our facility. I really appreciated the time that he took to learn more about TLT-Turbo, our people and our products. On behalf of everyone at our Zweibruecken Office I would like to thank him for his time and support,” said Mr. Adamy.

“It was impressive to see this demonstration and it is always exciting to see which innovative companies settle and develop at the Zweibrücken location. TLT-Turbo is planning an expansion at our location, which will primarily require new office space. I will work to ensure that TLT-Turbo can invest in the Zweibrücken location as quickly as possible,” said Mayor Dr. Marold Wosnitza during his visit

Source: City Zweibrücken/jj
Source: City Zweibrücken/jj
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TLT-Turbo to exhibit at Anuga FoodTec 2022

Global ventilation fans and systems manufacturer, TLT-Turbo GmbH, has officially announced its participation in Anuga FoodTec 2022, the most prominent international food and beverage industry trade show in the world. This four-day event will be held from 26-29 April, 2022 in Cologne, Germany.

As a leading global trade fair, Anuga FoodTec (AFT) is the most important source of impetus for the international food and beverage industry. As the world’s only supplier fair, it covers all aspects of food production. Industry players are provided the opportunity to present their latest innovations and technological visions – from process technology, filling and packaging technology to food safety, packaging materials, digitalization and intralogistics.

At the event, TLT-Turbo will showcase their extended range of fans for mechanical vapor recompression (MVR). Among other things, this has been specially developed and optimized for food production and processing.

There is a clear upward trend in the demand for energy efficient solutions for the food industry, especially as the energy transition presents the industry with major challenges to reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions. Mario Schmidt, Head of the Vapor Fans Business Segment, says that TLT-Turbo is participating in AFT event for exactly this reason. “We’re attending because we offer high efficiency fans for the food and beverage industry. Our objective at the event is to connect with EPCs as well as with end-use customers requiring this technology.”

TLT-Turbo products, renowned for their energy efficiency capabilities, are a perfect fit for food producers who want to increase their energy efficiency, increase their availability and minimize their maintenance costs. Using this technology can drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels and significantly improve the company’s CO2 footprint.

“TLT-Turbo MVR fans can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, especially in the food and beverage sector. Whether for modernization, expansion or new construction – TLT-Turbo has the optimal solution ready,” explains Schmidt.

Further, Schmidt says events like Anuga FoodTec provide an opportunity to showcase TLT-Turbo’s innovative products and solutions on an international stage. “This is our first time exhibiting at AFT. Currently, we perceive a strong increase in demand of our MVR technology. For applications in this industry, the attention in the world market is mainly focused on our unique designs and innovative technical solutions in this regard. We have received numerous orders for MVR fans from customers in the food and beverage industries over the past year and now it is time to showcase these proven products to a larger and international range of customers.”

TLT-Turbo’s exhibition is located at Stand C-030 in Hall 4.1. All media and press are invited to visit the booth and learn about TLT-Turbo and current trends in plant technology (especially evaporation and crystallization technology). Mario Schmidt and several additional TLT-Turbo representatives will be present to answer all questions.

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New Managing Director Appointed at TLT-Turbo

TLT-Turbo GmbH, a global supplier of ventilation equipment and systems, announces that Mr. Rainer Redinger has stepped down as TLT-Turbo Managing Director, effective immediately. Mr. Matthias Adamy, former Vice President of Process Fans and Services at TLT-Turbo will assume the position of Managing Director working alongside TLT-Turbo Managing Director, Mr. Xiongfei Zhao.

Mr. Redinger joined TLT-Turbo in 1993 and was appointed as Managing Director in 2003.

Mr. Zhao stated, “On behalf of TLT-Turbo, we are highly appreciative of Mr. Redinger’s contribution to TLT-Turbo over the past 19 years. He demonstrated considerable talent in leadership, loyalty to the company and responsibility to the employees in the increasingly fierce market environment and made his mark through tireless efforts and contributions to the development of the company. During his tenure as MD, Mr. Redinger has made a personal contribution to our China-German cooperation and friendship. On behalf of PowerChina, PCC GmbH, the TLT-Turbo Advisory Board and in my own name, I would like to thank him for his contribution and friendship, and for his sincerity, fairness and loyalty.”

Mr. Adamy, who has been with TLT-Turbo since 2016 and most recently acted as Vice President of the Process Fans and Services business unit, faces the future with a positive outlook: “I am excited about my new role and the challenges that lie ahead. In addition further develop TLT-Turbo’s strengths and the traditional fan business, we are also committed to working with our parent company PowerChina to expand into new markets and business areas to grow our portfolio”.

 Mr. Zhao, who has played a role in TLT-Turbo’s strategic objective to become a leading global player in the design, manufacturing and supply of innovative ventilation equipment says he is looking forward to seeing what new leadership can contribute to building on this strategy. “TLT-Turbo has an integrated vision of providing the most technologically advanced and reliable ventilation solutions and by ushering in a new era of leadership the company will be able to further its proven track record for growth and innovation,” says Zhao.

The announcement was communicated to employees on 10 February 2022 with Mr. Redinger formally stepping down on 15 February 2022. Mr. Adamy’s appointment as Managing Director was formalized on 15 February 2022 and he will assume the role of the new Managing Director together with Mr. Zhao effective from that date.


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TLT-Turbo consolidates its position as an MVR expert in serving the pharmaceutical industry

In October 2021, after TLT-Turbo received a huge new order for 20 MVR fans, another additional order for 4 larger MVR fans was put in by the same customer. This order precedes the delivery of 32 machines to the customer which shows its satisfaction in our products and continued trust in TLT-Turbo.

Four years ago, TLT-Turbo was a newcomer to the MVR industry and completely unknown to potential customers, especially those in the pharmaceutical industry. Within four years we have strived to make considerable ground in the market by supplying numerous high-quality MVR fans of various sizes”, says Mario Schmidt, Head of Business Segment Vapor Fans.

After intensive and positive discussions and a huge effort by our TLT-Turbo team in Beijing, we successfully wrapped up two orders in a row from our main client in the pharmaceutical industry. TLT-Turbo ensures to provide continuous delivery of 3 to 4 fans every 6 weeks up to September 2022. This continued partnership shows the confidence and trust that the customer has in TLT-Turbo. This new order also strengthens TLT-Turbo’s market position as MVR experts serving the pharmaceutical industry which will help grow our customer base further in 2022.

“Our MVR range is ideally suited to facilities in the pharmaceutical industry as witnessed by our continued partnership with our customer who uses our fans in the process of manufacturing Water For Injections (WFI),” says Mario Schmidt, Head of Business Segment Vapor Fans. He further added that, “given the higher efficiency of TLT-Turbo manufactured MVR fans, it makes us more competitive in the small to medium mass flows market where there are many potential clients in different industries such as dairy, food and beverage and pharmaceutical production.

For more information on the TLT-Turbo MVR range, click here.

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TLT-Turbo looks forward to continuing building the bridge from real to digital at the revolutionary Tunnel Digitalization Centre.

In September 2021, TLT-Turbo commissioned one of their jet fans at the TDC, which will be used from now onwards for research projects in a real tunnel environment including the joint development and testing of digital products.

TLT-Turbo became industrial partner of the Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT) at the end of 2020 and has since participated in the joint research project of the “Tunnel Digitalization Center”. In October 2019, the Tunnel Digitalization Center (TDC) was officially opened in the Hagerbach Test Gallery in Flums, Switzerland.

For the first time in history, this unique tunnel center allows demonstration and simulation in a realistic environment.  The “Tunnel Digitalization Center” project was initiated by the Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT). Through the continued use of new technologies and innovative concepts at the TDC, the center now consists of a BIM Centre, a Control and Training Centre, a Simulation Centre and, a cloud center.

The Swiss Centre of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT) is the world’s leading competency center for the use of underground space. SCAUT bundles the accumulated knowledge, competencies, and technologies from underground construction as well as from other industrial sectors to further develop them as the first competency center of its kind worldwide and to make them available for various applications in the underground space.

Alongside TLT-Turbo, the SCAUT consortium consists of other leaders within the industry namely Amberg Engineering Ltd, Siemens Ltd, Elkuch Group Ltd and HBI Haerter Ltd. First and foremost, TLT-Turbo GmbH was chosen as they are a leading global expert in the production of fans for a range of industries. Amberg Engineering Ltd are used for infrastructure construction alongside Amberg Technologies Ltd for surveying and scanning, Siemens AG for automation, Elkuch Group Ltd for door systems, and lastly HBI Haerter Ltd for tunnel ventilation simulations.

In the future, most people will live in urban areas. The use of the third dimension, not only upwards but also underground, will be an essential part of urban development. Its goal is to use the surface space as open space and living space for people and social interaction, and to include the underground as part of the usable space. The tunnel Digitalization Center (TDC) offers the unique opportunity to experience the interaction and transformation from real to digital directly in the tunnel.

New technologies and innovative concepts can be demonstrated on a scale 1:1, which leads to a better understanding of complex processes and procedures as well as a high level of cost-efficiency.

“We at TLT-Turbo aim to continue improving specific areas of application in the future within the framework of the TDC, particularly by working on the digital twins in the context of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and how to improve the condition monitoring of fans” says Adrian Wolf, our Global Functional Manager for Product Management.

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TLT-Turbo Donates to Klinikum Bad Hersfeld

TLT-Turbo Looks Out for Nursing Staff Wellbeing in Bad Hersfeld

TLT-Turbo GmbH today announced that their Bad Hersfeld site have donated 1.500€ for the nursing staff at the Klinikum Hersfeld Hospital’s Covid-19 intensive care unit. The intention behind the donation is to show support to these nurses who have worked tirelessly to see the local community through the Covid-19 pandemic and to provide the funds needed to ensure that they take some time out for themselves.

The funds were donated by TLT-Turbo Bad Hersfeld and were handed over by Site Manager, Christian Kosack, on 15th December 2021 at Klinikum Hersfeld.

“As part of our annual budget, we allocate a certain amount to giving back to this community that surrounds our operation. Today’s donation amounts to half of our annual budget which we specifically allocated to those who have been on the frontline of fighting the pandemic. It was important to us that these funds directly to the nursing staff instead of the hospital. We believe that the ICU nursing staff deserve not only the funds handed over, but also to be recognised by businesses in the community for all that they have done,” said Kosack.

The funds were handed over to Frank Heenes, Ward Manager of the Intensive Care Unit 1 of the Klinikum Bad Hersfeld and will be used to host a special summer event for the intensive care unit staff. “Our intention was that the staff benefit directly from the donation and that the funds be used to somehow honour them. This is our way of thanking them for their valuable and exhausting work and to be able to give something directly back to them,” Kosack explains.

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Modular Design

Modular Design Redefines Mine Ventilation Efficiency and Availability

TLT-Turbo have released a modular mining ventilation fan concept that simplifies the planning of ventilation systems for customers while still providing the benefits that are synonymous with TLT-Turbo products including increased efficiency and lower power consumption. The Modular Mining Fan concept offers a range of modular solutions that cater to almost every ventilation requirement and aims to set a new standard for mine ventilation innovation.

The range offers a modular design that results in a well-engineered and efficient ventilation system at lower operational and maintenance costs. Customers have the flexibility to order required units and build on the system as their requirements grow – resulting in lower initial expenditure with more economical options for system expansion.

German engineering and extensive R&D have resulted in the highest product quality. This, paired with TLT-Turbo’s field-proven technology, provides a high-end pre-existing solution which means that mines will not incur the design and engineering costs that are usually associated with bespoke ventilation installations.

The modular concept makes it extremely convenient for customers in the mining industry to plan, design and optimize their ventilation systems to optimally benefit their operations. The modular approach eliminates guess work and ensures that the entire system can be planned to deliver predictable and accurate performance.

The modular design offers seven base fan sizes combined with six different hub sizes to ensure the right fit for all requirements. Numerous customizable and adaptable parts offer flexibility for specific customer needs. Add-ons have been developed for all seven base sizes allowing for modular pre-existing upgrades to meet individual requirements.

The modular components are designed to slot together, and no additional engineering is needed to ensure that different modules fit together to suit a specific operating environment. The advanced design ensures total fan efficiency of up to 90%, lowering the operating costs while maintaining full performanceThis entire offering is available at lower initial costs with short lead times for supply.

All the modular components can be manufactured simultaneously and are commissioned and installed once completed. Expansion of an existing TLT-Turbo Modular Mining Fan system is a simple process as new components are slotted into the existing system with minimal effort. Typically, ventilation systems need to grow or be upgraded as production demands increase. Where a major overhaul would usually be required, TLT-Turbo’s modular installation can be expanded by installing additional components to the existing system to scale up ventilation capacity or replace existing modules with higher specifications to optimise or upgrade the system.

With the modules being manufactured at state-of-the-art TLT-Turbo manufacturing facilities, customers can be assured of the highest quality end product. Continual monitoring, testing and quality checks are conducted at every stage of the manufacturing process. Well considered opportunities for varied combinations ensure shorter manufacturing and delivery lead times at lower costs to get your project running faster and smoother.

Contact TLT-Turbo to find out how the Modular Mining Fan range can benefit your operation, or visit to find out more.

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TLT-Turbo MVR Range Makes Strides in Food and Beverage Industry

In November 2018, TLT-Turbo completed the installation of a Medium Flow range MVR Turbo Fan at the Frischli factory in Rehburg-Loccum, Germany. The fan has been running at Frischli for almost 3 years, providing reliable, silent performance without any need to maintain the fan bearing, making it an ideal use case for demonstrating TLT-Turbo’s capabilities in the food and beverage industry.

TLT-Turbo has been gathering data from the Frischli facility on the performance of the fan since 2018 and will continue to do so in order to compile a case study demonstrating the cost savings for Frischli and listing the ways in which their production has benefited from the use of the TLT-Turbo MVR fan. This will support the efforts of the MVR department’s sales drive as it will provide clear evidence of the ways in which TLT-Turbo is redefining mechanical vapor recompression in the food and beverage industry.

“Our Medium Flow MVR range is ideally suited to facilities such as the one at Frischli’s headquarters,” says Mario Schmidt, Head of Business Segment Vapor Fans. “The higher efficiencies delivered by these fans makes us more competitive in the small to medium mass flows market where many potential clients in dairy, food and beverage or pharmaceutical production are positioned.”

For over 120 years, Frischli, an owner-managed company has been producing dairy products that meet the highest requirements of quality, sustainability, and taste. The company’s headquarters are located in Rehburg-Loccum near Hanover where they produce a range of products including long-life milk, powdered milk and cream. Milk drinks such as cocoa, powdered milk, puddings and yogurt as well as a wide range of dairy products for gastronomy and catering are also produced.

The relationship between Frischli and TLT-Turbo is likely to become a long-standing relationship as the two companies share a focus on driving on innovation. Frischli is one of the most modern and efficient dairies in Germany. This, according to Schmidt, is one of the reasons that they were so quick to adopt the new MVR technology of the TLT-Turbo range.

“A clear demonstration that we share a mutual belief in innovation and technological advancements in food production equipment, is the fact that Frischli has also agreed to be a reference client for TLT-Turbo. This means that we will be able to visit the premises with potential clients to show them the MVR fan in action,” Schmidt reveals.

He also notes that they were delighted with the fan’s features, particularly when it comes to maintenance. Frischli has a number of MVR fans installed at their factory from another supplier. When the time came to conduct annual maintenance of all the fans running at the facility, the advanced technology of the TLT-Turbo MVR range became apparent.

“As part of the annual maintenance of the other MVR fans, our technicians asked me if they should include the TLT-Turbo MVR in the maintenance schedule. They were very surprised to learn that this MVR fan does not require maintenance. Only the seal rings should be replaced if there are leaks and a grease cartridge should be screwed on for the motor. This saves a lot of time and money,” says Henrike Kaluza, Project Manager at Frischli.

She goes on to elaborate on the time and costs savings that can be achieved with the TLT-Turbo MVR fan. “The regular maintenance of the other two MVR fans we are running costs between 8,500 to 9,000 Euro per year, or around roughly 4,500 Euro per fan”. As the TLT-Turbo fan does not need this kind of maintenance for at least ten years, the savings are measured at a total value of 45,000 Euro per fan for this period. It saves production time too, as the eventual maintenance on the TLT-Turbo fan does not require a full day of downtime.

The fact that the TLT-Turbo MVR fans do not require an oil change is highly valuable to operators in the dairy, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. “In a clean environment, not having to introduce chemicals such as oil to the environment when maintaining crucial equipment is highly valuable. In addition, this makes our fans kinder to the environment as well. Other fans on the market consume around 40 to 60 liters of oil per year or 400 to 600 liters over 10 years whereas our fans consume 60 to 120 gram of grease over a ten year period,” explains Schmidt.

Kaluza also provided positive feedback regarding the TLT-Turbo fan’s performance. “The efficiency of the fan is an improvement on the model that it replaced. The realized savings of electrical costs are at 8,700 Euro per year and without the allowances from our combined heat and power plant, the savings would even be around 12,000 Euro per year”.

“Considering these improvements and adding the other advantages of the machine, such as the low noise level or the absence of oil, we are very satisfied with the TLT-Turbo fan and we are very glad to have chosen it,” Kaluza concludes.

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Corrosion in Power Plants


Energy technology is undergoing global transformation. Rapidly expanding renewable energy and other, more volatile power generation plants require significantly higher flexibility of conventional plants. This has resulted in a number of new challenges for ventilation equipment, including:

  • An increased number of start and stop operations
  • Fewer full-load hours
  • Increased partial load operation
  • Lower exhaust gas temperatures due to residual heat utilization
  • Smaller gap to acid dew point  

These factors cause an increased load on the systems which carries increased risk of corrosion during operation. This favors dew point corrosion, which can lead to total failure of fans and system components.

TLT-Turbo offers you a tailor-made solution for your plant by implementing effective corrosion protection measures to maintain uptime of your fans.

Efficient Protection against Corrosion

TLT-Turbo Corrosion Protection for fans includes two key actions: Preventing corrosion where possible and protecting components where corrosion cannot be prevented.

Avoiding corrosive conditions:
  • Preventing or reducing leakage of sealing air
  • Heating of fan components
  • Optimization of insulation
Use of corrosion resistant materials:
  • Weather resistant steel
  • Polymers and polymeric coatings
  • Stainless steel
  • Ni-based coatings or base materials

In order to select the measures suitable to preventing and addressing corrosion on fans operating at your facility, TLT-Turbo conducts an individual corrosion risk assessment. This assessment is based on your operational and environmental conditions.

TLT-Turbo provides further support by conducting an analysis of your specific operating conditions, e.g. on a dew point measurement based on a plant inspection.

Contact TLT-Turbo to discuss your corrosion protection needs and to find the right service package to suit your on-going requirements.

Optimal Protection against Corrosion for Existing Plants

TLT-Turbo conducts corrosion risk assessments and implements suitable preventative measures when designing and manufacturing new fans. These measures can also be carried out when retrofitting existing plants or as part of preventative maintenance during a scheduled shutdown.

Contact your service representative or the TLT-Turbo Service Department for more information on conducting a tailored risk assessment at your facility.

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TLT-Turbo and MoJet® Join Forces to Redefine Tunnel Ventilation

A strategic partnership between TLT-Turbo GmbH, global ventilation equipment manufacturer and Mosen Ltd, a leading tunnel ventilation innovator, will offer advanced technology delivered by the innovative MoJet® tunnel ventilation system.

The MoJet® has been developed through a close cooperation between engineers and the R&D teams at TLT-Turbo and Mosen Ltd, as well as renowned universities. Through extensive research and testing, the two firms jointly developed this innovative product for tunnel ventilation.

“TLT-Turbo was initially approached by Dr. Fathi Tarada, Mosen Ltd Managing Director and Chief Technologist for MoJet® Ventilation, about testing for his new product. What followed was a complete reimagining of tunnel ventilation systems,” says TLT-Turbo Business Head for Tunnel and Metro, Jürgen Steltmann.

According to Lars Lehmann, TLT-Turbo Tunnel & Metro Product Manager, what differentiates the MoJet® is its ability to increase aerodynamic thrust and deliver incredible ventilation performance while consuming less power.

“Conventional Jet Fans are the standard means of providing longitudinal ventilation in tunnels. However, they suffer from the following significant disadvantage compared to the MoJet®,” Lehmann explains. “Thrust is lost due to friction between the jet and the tunnel surfaces. Typically, 30% to 50% of thrust is thereby lost.”

The reversible MoJet® tunnel ventilation system can increase in-tunnel aerodynamic thrust by up to 50%, with reduced power consumption. To achieve such a significant improvement in performance, the MoJet® uses shaped nozzles which turn the jet flow away from the tunnel soffit and walls. This reduces surface friction, minimizing the Coanda Effect, where a reduction in static pressure due to the high jet velocity tends to deflect the jet towards any solid surface. The MoJet® represents a significant improvement over older technologies to reduce the Coanda effect, such as slanted silencers and jet flow deflectors.

“Major infrastructure projects must demonstrate sustainability and value for money while delivering the required performance. That is why we have developed the MoJet®, an innovative tunnel ventilation system which has been installed worldwide,” says Dr. Tarada. “The innovative design results in markedly improved energy efficiency and fewer or smaller jet fans being required to provide the same degree of ventilation, as verified by independent measurements in full-scale tunnels.”

Dr. Tarada adds that MoJets® do not encroach upon the traffic envelope and can be installed very close to tunnel walls and soffits, reducing space requirements and construction costs.

Comparison of the jet and jet diffusion of Jet Fans with standard silencers (red) and MoJet® –silencers (blue) in a tunnel.
Direct comparison of the two velocity profiles for the measurement with standard silencer (red) and with MoJet® – silencer (blue)

Tried and Tested

Earlier this year, TLT-Turbo undertook an extensive series of laboratory tests and site tests within the Rendel Street branch of the Mersey Queensway Tunnel in Northwest England on a 1.25m internal diameter MoJet® with an equivalent conventional jet fan. Mosen Ltd supported the testing with detailed aerodynamic design using 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The measurements indicated a dramatic increase in the in-tunnel thrust, for no increase in motor power consumption.

“The MoJet® technology represents the next generation of tunnel ventilation design, offering a reduction in the required number of jet fans and overall tunnel power demand, as well as a marked improvement in sustainability and energy efficiency,” Dr. Tarada concludes.

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