Careers at TLT

‘First-class’ as a Supplier…

CareersThe TLT-Turbo GmbH is renowned world-wide for first-class engineering and a passion for solving the most demanding challenges. Our portfolio comprises projects like the Gotthard Basis Tunnel, as well as the world’s most advanced wind tunnels, or Europe’s largest copper mine in Polcovice. You can find more examples on our Company History page.

…and as an Employer, Too.

Also in our role as an employer, we strive to be “first class”. We offer a work environment with extensive personal perspectives and excellent possibilities for career development. At the same time, we emphasize the promotion of the very individual strengths of each employee.

Within our company, we adhere to the same values that we emphasize when we interact with our customers:

  • Our actions are based on partnership at eye level.
  • We emphasize a culture of mutual respect and familiar atmosphere – from the CEO down to the apprentice.
  • We are represented world-wide, but at each of our offices, we are locally embedded – true to the motto: “Think global, act local.”

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