Careers at TLT: Students & Graduates

Your Career Entry at TLT

At TLT, our claim is “A Passion for Solutions”. This passion is what is the tie between our employees, and it is this passion that we also want to spark in every new associate.

Many of our employees have joined TLT right after their graduation, or have already laid the foundation for their TLT careers during their studies, via an internship or their final thesis.

Your Career Is as Unique as You Are

Career paths at TLT are as diverse as our employees themselves: Some have known from the very beginning the exact area of expertise they wanted to focus on. Others have chosen changed their careers completely. We are dedicated to supporting our employees with either of these aspirations.

I made contact with TLT through a job fair at my university. Not only did I find an interesting and relevant topic for my final thesis, but I also had a perfect job entry directly after my graduation. For me, this was the perfect career start.
Pascal Koch

Research & Development Impeller Design

Upcoming Events

We will participate in the following events and are looking forward to meeting you:

We don’t want any ‘streamlined personalities’ – but we’ll provide you with tailwind for your career entry.

No matter what your career type: At TLT, you will quickly be able to apply your knowledge from your studies to practice, and work on actual customer projects. This is true not only for graduates, but also for interns and working students.
After my apprenticeship for Technical Product Designer at TLT, I completed an integrated study program in mechanical engineering. When I proceeded with my Master degree, TLT continued to support me: The granted flexibility of my working schedule enabled me to perfectly combine my studies and my profession.
Lars Lehmann

Research & Development Aerodynamics

A Passion for Solutions. And for Your Training.

Training GraduatesAt TLT, we attach great importance to high-quality training programs. This is why we cooperate only with top-class training experts, as we believe that what our customers expect from us, should also be the standard for our employees: the best expertise.

Just like for our customers, we do not offer our employees high-volume commodities: Because every job (and every person) is different from the other, the content of your training will be tailored to your individual needs. The result: your personal training roadmap.

The Individual TLT Training Roadmap

Your Paths to TLT-Turbo:

Internships & Practical Semester

An internship or a practical semester during your studies are possible anytime. We offer internships in the following fields:

  • Research & Development
  • Design engineering
  • Project management
  • Human resources

If you are interested in an internship or practical semester at TLT, please apply via our Application Portal.

Your Final Thesis

Are you interested in writing your final thesis on a topic that is of actual relevance for practitioners? We support you!

Here, there are also no deadlines. Just look at our requirements:

Career entry

If you are about to graduate or have already graduated from your studies, you can either apply for one of the positions listed in the job listing below, or send us a speculative application:

Frequently Asked Questions

Career entry at TLT
Who can apply?
Anyone who is comfortable in an international context and has an affinity for our highly-specialized and engineered world of products. Additionally, applicants should consider flexibility, autonomous work and team spirit as positive challenges.
How do I apply?
Online via our Application Portal:

  • If you are interested in an internship or in writing your thesis with us, please send us a speculative application.
  • If you are a graduate, just click on a job position that is of interest to you in the list of job openings (at the bottom of this page). In the Application Portal, you can fill out the form and upload your application documents. You can also send us a speculative application.
When can I apply?
For an internship or your thesis, you can apply anytime.

Positions for graduates are listed at the bottom in the list of open positions. If a job appears in the listing, the recruiting process is still open, and we’re looking forward to your application!

Which documents should I include with my application?
Your application documents should include the letter of application, your CV and scans of your credentials.
How are my personal data handled at TLT?
Your personal data are saved in our system and can be viewed by our HR department and the directors of the relevant departments. A more detailed description can be found on our Privacy Policy.
How should I prepare for my interview?
When we invite you as a candidate, we do so because we are interested in you. Vice versa, we expect applicants to be interested in us. Would you hire someone who does not even know where they are applying?

How about browsing on our website to find out more about who we are and what we do? Do you have questions? We’ll be happy to answer them during our interview!

If you have any questions in advance, you can connect to the contact person for the respective apprenticeship. This person is listed below each job description.

How should I act during a job interview?
If we invite you for an interview, then we want to get to know you, and you should act accordingly. Just act the way you are – but of course, you should show us your good side.
How should I dress for an interview?
We do not have a dresscode at TLT. Just dress the way you consider appropriate and you are comfortable with.
I have a different question, where can I find the right contact?
Depending on the topic of your question, you can find the respective contacts in the column right of this section.

Contact for Internships & Theses Zweibrücken

Sarah Pirmann

Sarah Pirmann

HR Manager

Languages: DE, EN

Headquarters Zweibrücken
T: +49 6332 808-215

Contact for Internships & Theses Bad Hersfeld

Meliha Hamidovic

Meliha Hamidovic

HR Manager

Languages: DE, EN

Headquarters Zweibrücken
T: +49 6332 808-324

Contact for Graduates

Stefanie Maier

Stefanie Maier

Director HR

Languages: DE, EN

Headquarters Zweibrücken
T: +49 6332 808-360

Job Openings for Graduates

Here, you can see all currently open positions. For a more detailed description, simply click on the respective position. If a position is of interest to you, please apply online via the link at the bottom of the description.