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professionalsAt TLT-Turbo we like to use the slogan “A Passion for Solutions.” This passion is not only what ties us together, but this passion is also what we have for each of our employees. That’s why we attach great importance to a pleasant working environment, and to individual support of careers.

Many of our employees stay in our company for a long time – not only because of our corporate culture and our flat hierarchies.

TLT is a Dynamic Mid-market Company in a Dynamic Market.

TLT Is a classical mid-market company, and has been a technology leader in the market since its origins in 1873. Our market has been and remains dynamic until today. And as a company with a healthy size, an international line-up and a strong owner (Powerchina), it is in our DNA to operate successfully in this market.
I joined TLT over 8 years ago. What has inspired me from the very beginning are the permanent challenges that we face in our market, always with great passion – and great success.
Dr. Steven Diehl

Director Research & Development

International, With Local Color.

Our fans can be found world-wide in the most demanding projects. But in the past years, we have also continuously been expanding our network of international offices: Currently, we run 14 locations world-wide. At five of which also have production sites. And at all of which we are proud of our local color – whether at our headquarters in Zweibrücken (Germany), in Pretoria (South Africa), Akron (USA), Chengdu (China), Bad Hersfeld (Germany), or our many other locations.

We develop not only the world’s best fans, but also our employees.

We are proud of the excellence of our employees. For our training programs, we correspondingly attach great importance to excellent quality.

Our development program for TLT executives is based on two cornerstones:

1. Attention to personality:
Every person has different strengths and weaknesses, and we like to emphasize on individual strengths. We deliberately avoid any one-size-fits-all approaches.

2. The combination of theory and practice:
The program for TLT executives is set up as a succession of workshops and intensive seminars, which interrelate to each other. This way, the learnings can not only be reflected in everyday work practice, it is also ensured that they are relevant.

The TLT Training Program for Executives

Frequently Asked Questions

Professionals at TLT
How do I apply?
Online via our Application Portal:

Just click on a job position that is of interest to you in the list of job openings (at the bottom of this page). In the Application Portal, you can fill out the form and upload your application documents. You can also send us a speculative application.

Which documents do I need to send in for my application?
Your application documents should include the letter of application, your CV and scans of your credentials.
How should I prepare for the interview?
When we invite you as a candidate, we do so because we are interested in you. Vice versa, we expect applicants to be interested in us. Would you hire someone who does not even know where they are applying at?

Maybe you’d like to browse our website to find out more about who we are and what drives us. Do you have questions? We’ll be happy to answer them during our interview!

If you have any questions in advance, you can connect to the contact person for the respective job opening. This person is listed below each job description.

How should I act at the interview?
If we invite you for an interview, then we do so because we want to get to know you, and you should act correspondingly. Just act the way you are – but of course, you should show us your good side.
What should I wear for the interview?
We do not have a dresscode at TLT. Just dress the way you consider appropriate and you are comfortable with.


Stefanie Maier

Stefanie Maier

Director HR

Languages: DE, EN

Headquarters Zweibrücken
T: +49 6332 808-360

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