TLT-Turbo Employees Step up in Aid of Ukraine

In recognition of the serious on-going humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, TLT-Turbo has raised funds through an internal employee donation campaign. The funds raised amounted to 11,110 Euro officially handed over to Germany-based non-profit organizations who are actively working to help Ukrainians affected bythe conflict.

TLT-Turbo’s campaign kicked off in March when employees were invited to donate an amount of their choosing directly from their paychecks in the form of a tax-free wage share. The campaign was opened to all Germany based TLT-Turbo employees who were further motivated and inspired by the fact that the company matched and doubled every employee donation.

“Ukraine is experiencing a serious humanitarian crisis and the need for medical care and relief supplies for people on the ground and those fleeing the conflict increases daily. We became concerned after seeing footage of thousands of people leaving Ukraine – and those still within the country’s borders – who need urgent help. This is why we initiated the fundraising campaign. We knew we could count on our people to come through for Ukraine, and to recognize this the business committed to doubling their contribution,” said TLT-Turbo Managing Director, Mr. Matthias Adamy.

The urgency of the help needed was highlighted in March when TLT-Turbo had to come to the aid
of one of their Ukraine-based customers who had just arrived in Germany with her family after fleeing
Ukraine. TLT-Turbo sent 500 Euro in emergency aid for clothing and necessities within days of her arrival in Germany.

In May 2022, TLT-Turbo was able to raise a total of 11,110 Euro. This total amount was split equally between two regional organizations administering care at the Ukrainian border and beyond; the Child Protection Association in Zweibrücken and the Christian Relief Service in Bad Hersfeld.

The handover took place on the 13th and 20th of June respectively by local council chairpersons Markus Schieler for Zweibrücken and Beate Hickel for Bad Hersfeld at TLT-Turbo branches in the two locations

The Child Protection Association expressed their gratitude saying that the requests they receive are mostly from women who have between 8 – 10 children under their care. They use the funds donated by TLT-Turbo to buy supplies for school and for their summer programme. The Christian Relief Service used the funds to install pumps for
water treatment and to purchase hygiene items and supplies including diapers and food.

“Whether this was a show of strength or an expression of sadness for the circumstances in Ukraine, we are proud that so many employees took the opportunity to donate a portion of their hard-earned income. We sincerely thank every employee who chose to stand in solidarity with the people affected and made our donation possible”, said Mr. Adamy.

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Mayor of Zweibruecken Visits TLT-Turbo

On 4th May 2022, Mayor Dr. Marold Wosnitza visited the TLT-Turbo global headquarters. Mrs. Anne Kraft from the “Wirtschaftsförderung Zweibrücken” joined him for the visit and the two were welcomed by TLT-Turbo’s Managing Directors, Xiongfei Zhao and Matthias Adamy.

The visit included a tour of the facility and meeting various members of the TLT-Turbo team. The Mayor was interested in learning more about TLT-Turbo. First of all, the company in general was introduced, including topics such as the global locations of TLT-Turbo and the long-standing cooperation with the parent company PowerChina. The product range and its application areas were also discussed, as well as the activities and
functions of TLT-Turbo’s Zweibrücken site.

Source: City Zweibrücken/jj
Source: City Zweibrücken/jj

The on-site test stands were also presented with an explanation on the types and methods of testing carried out here. To showcase TLT-Turbo’s products, a demonstration of the new MoJet® Fan was staged for the visitors. The on-site test hall was filled with smoke using a fog machine allowing the MoJet® Fan to show its capability in swiftly extracting the smoke. This showcased not only the performance of the fan, but also provided a clear visualization of the air flow lines.

Source: City Zweibrücken/jj
Source: City Zweibrücken/jj

The visit also provided an opportunity for the Mayor to get to know TLT-Turbo’s new leadership team and to discuss the city’s future support for the company. The Mayor, Mrs. Kraft and TLT-Turbo’s management team discussed the environmental conditions of the Zweibrücken site with regard to the availability of qualified employees, an improvement in internet bandwidth and electrical power capacity, and the location of TLT-Turbo GmbH in an area at risk of flooding.

“Mr. Wosnitza and Mrs. Kraft have promised us their support and cooperation on these important issues. It was great to show the Mayor around our facility. I really appreciated the time that he took to learn more about TLT-Turbo, our people and our products. On behalf of everyone at our Zweibruecken Office I would like to thank him for his time and support,” said Mr. Adamy.

“It was impressive to see this demonstration and it is always exciting to see which innovative companies settle and develop at the Zweibrücken location. TLT-Turbo is planning an expansion at our location, which will primarily require new office space. I will work to ensure that TLT-Turbo can invest in the Zweibrücken location as quickly as possible,” said Mayor Dr. Marold Wosnitza during his visit

Source: City Zweibrücken/jj
Source: City Zweibrücken/jj
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New Managing Director Appointed at TLT-Turbo

TLT-Turbo GmbH, a global supplier of ventilation equipment and systems, announces that Mr. Rainer Redinger has stepped down as TLT-Turbo Managing Director, effective immediately. Mr. Matthias Adamy, former Vice President of Process Fans and Services at TLT-Turbo will assume the position of Managing Director working alongside TLT-Turbo Managing Director, Mr. Xiongfei Zhao.

Mr. Redinger joined TLT-Turbo in 1993 and was appointed as Managing Director in 2003.

Mr. Zhao stated, “On behalf of TLT-Turbo, we are highly appreciative of Mr. Redinger’s contribution to TLT-Turbo over the past 19 years. He demonstrated considerable talent in leadership, loyalty to the company and responsibility to the employees in the increasingly fierce market environment and made his mark through tireless efforts and contributions to the development of the company. During his tenure as MD, Mr. Redinger has made a personal contribution to our China-German cooperation and friendship. On behalf of PowerChina, PCC GmbH, the TLT-Turbo Advisory Board and in my own name, I would like to thank him for his contribution and friendship, and for his sincerity, fairness and loyalty.”

Mr. Adamy, who has been with TLT-Turbo since 2016 and most recently acted as Vice President of the Process Fans and Services business unit, faces the future with a positive outlook: “I am excited about my new role and the challenges that lie ahead. In addition further develop TLT-Turbo’s strengths and the traditional fan business, we are also committed to working with our parent company PowerChina to expand into new markets and business areas to grow our portfolio”.

 Mr. Zhao, who has played a role in TLT-Turbo’s strategic objective to become a leading global player in the design, manufacturing and supply of innovative ventilation equipment says he is looking forward to seeing what new leadership can contribute to building on this strategy. “TLT-Turbo has an integrated vision of providing the most technologically advanced and reliable ventilation solutions and by ushering in a new era of leadership the company will be able to further its proven track record for growth and innovation,” says Zhao.

The announcement was communicated to employees on 10 February 2022 with Mr. Redinger formally stepping down on 15 February 2022. Mr. Adamy’s appointment as Managing Director was formalized on 15 February 2022 and he will assume the role of the new Managing Director together with Mr. Zhao effective from that date.


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TLT-Turbo Looks Out for Nursing Staff Wellbeing in Bad Hersfeld

TLT-Turbo GmbH today announced that their Bad Hersfeld site have donated 1.500€ for the nursing staff at the Klinikum Hersfeld Hospital’s Covid-19 intensive care unit. The intention behind the donation is to show support to these nurses who have worked tirelessly to see the local community through the Covid-19 pandemic and to provide the funds needed to ensure that they take some time out for themselves.

The funds were donated by TLT-Turbo Bad Hersfeld and were handed over by Site Manager, Christian Kosack, on 15th December 2021 at Klinikum Hersfeld.

“As part of our annual budget, we allocate a certain amount to giving back to this community that surrounds our operation. Today’s donation amounts to half of our annual budget which we specifically allocated to those who have been on the frontline of fighting the pandemic. It was important to us that these funds directly to the nursing staff instead of the hospital. We believe that the ICU nursing staff deserve not only the funds handed over, but also to be recognised by businesses in the community for all that they have done,” said Kosack.

The funds were handed over to Frank Heenes, Ward Manager of the Intensive Care Unit 1 of the Klinikum Bad Hersfeld and will be used to host a special summer event for the intensive care unit staff. “Our intention was that the staff benefit directly from the donation and that the funds be used to somehow honour them. This is our way of thanking them for their valuable and exhausting work and to be able to give something directly back to them,” Kosack explains.

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TLT-Turbo donates 2,500 € for a good cause

In 2020, TLT-Turbo GmbH in Zweibrücken has again donated EUR 2,500 for good causes. Part of the donation was handed over at Christmas, as we decided to abstain from gifts for business partners and instead donate this amount to various institutions.

A donation of EUR 350 is used to support the Diakonie Pfalz for their health retreat “Jugenddorf” (youth village). Every year, Diakonie Pfalz enables children and young people to take time out during the summer vacations. Unfortunately, in 2020 the camp could not take place due to the Corona pandemic.

The “Kinderschutzbund” (child protection agency) in Zweibrücken was supported with the purchase of a logo placement on their vehicle worth EUR 300. Their vehicle is used, for example, to distribute food to socially disadvantaged families.

A large part of the donation, EUR 600, went to “Sternenkinder” in Homburg.
“Sternenkinder” is a self-help group for families who have lost one or more children before, during or after birth. The donation is used to buy fabrics and sew clothes and wrapping blankets for the deceased children.

The Diakonie Zweibrücken was supported with a donation of EUR 600 for the project “poverty due to Corona”. The Diakonie has set up a Corona relief fund to support people during the Corona crisis. However, this relief fund is very dependent on donations, which is why we wanted to make a special contribution here.

The remaining part of the donation, namely EUR 650 went to the Heinrich Kimmle Foundation Zweibrücken. It is an independent church foundation and supports people with impairments in the areas of work, living and pre-school as well as school education. There, the contribution is used as a transitional allowance to employment for people with disabilities, but also as financial support for obtaining a driver’s license.

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TLT-Turbo GmbH Continues to Show Resilience Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Following the first official response statement on the global coronavirus pandemic, TLT-Turbo has continued to prove operational resilience in its operations across the globe. This is largely due to the efforts of the TLT-Turbo global team and the implementation of various innovative measures including remote service support and virtual model acceptance testing. These factors have allowed TLT-Turbo to continue providing the high level of service that their clients have come to expect – with some formally showing their appreciation for the ways in which TLT-Turbo’s support has contributed to their operational continuity.

In the three months since TLT-Turbo released their initial COVID-19 response statement, they have announced several new contracts for high profile clients across the globe. Most notably this includes the supply of Sinter fans and two CDQ fans for various clients in China and an order for low flow MVR fans to a client in Colombia.

TLT-Turbo, Global Co-Managing Director, Rainer Redinger: “We knew that to a large extent our resilience in the face of such a significant global challenge would stem from the expertise and commitment of the TLT-Turbo global team. Securing of these orders demonstrates the perseverance of the sales representatives and engineers involved and speaks to the reliability of our products on the market. These same factors will ensure that we endure through the COVID-19 pandemic and current global market downturns and emerge stronger than ever.”

Travel restrictions imposed around the globe, posed a challenge to the delivery of
TLT-Turbo services and fans. TLT-Turbo implemented Remote Service Support that facilitates remote service, maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting. Using an audio-visual connection that allows the exchange of images and data between TLT-Turbo experts and customers, TLT-Turbo’s team can guide customers through the process of making simple repairs and adjustments in real time.

Along with this, to facilitate the delivery and commissioning of new fans, TLT-Turbo’s R&D team have also rolled out Virtual Model Acceptance Testing. TLT-Turbo made aerodynamic model acceptance measurements and final acceptance testing available for customers to attend virtually. They are now done through software that combines video conferences with a connection to virtual reality on smartphones, tablets, smart glasses or a video screen.

“This is a major advancement in the digitalization of our offering. In future, even as we move into a post-COVID world, these platforms will remain an alternative option to conventional model acceptance testing, trouble shooting, repairs, inspections and many other services for all customers as it saves them both time and money,” Mr. Redinger explains.

These efforts add to the crucial support of the regional TLT-Turbo offices across the globe that are starting to re-opening following various national lockdowns.
TLT-Turbo Africa has been operational through the continuing national lockdown in South Africa that was instituted on 26 March 2020. They have been registered as an essential service which allows for manufacturing activities with 30% of their usual staff complement per shift. “We are currently on a two-shift system of six hours per shift for operational staff. Even with limited staff, we have managed to make key deliveries to our customers,” says TLT-Turbo Managing Director, Christo Gelderblom who goes to explain that strict hygiene and safety protocols are being adhered to and that non-essential staff are still working from home. “We have received a number of orders since we returned to work and are expecting a few more in the weeks to come as South Africa’s lockdown alert levels are being lowered.”

In Korea, TLT-Turbo representatives have been able to recommence visits and meetings at client sites while adhering to strict hygiene, prevention and social distancing measures. The regional office has reported that they are almost back to business as usual while taking every measure to protect the health and safety of their staff. Their manufacturing facility continues to be fully operational.

Currently, TLT-Turbo manufacturing facilities in the USA, Germany and China are also operational. TLT-Turbo Global Co-Managing Director, Xiongfei Zhao: “We have done everything in our power to keep our processes running as smoothly as possible. We have complied with all required hygiene regulations and have developed our own additional safety measures to ensure that our staff are taken care of. We have also ensured that our customers are able to reach us by making our team accessible on electronic platforms as they continue to work from home.”

This accessibility has allowed TLT-Turbo’s customers to continue to rely on the products and services that play a crucial role in their daily operations. Several customers have sent in words of gratitude for the role that TLT-Turbo’s products and support have played in keeping them going.

Currently, TLT-Turbo continues to encourage concerned clients and suppliers to reach out their TLT-Turbo representatives in the various regions. Locate your nearest point of contact here.

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TLT-Turbo India Doing their Part to Alleviate COVID-19 Burden

Like the rest of the world, India is facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of their own national lockdown. Those living below the poverty line as well as day workers and laborers have been particularly hard hit by the nationwide lockdown that started on 23 March 2020.

India’s Prime Minister addressed the nation and requested support for those in need. To facilitate donations, a special PM Office bank account was set up for individuals and organizations who wished to play their part in helping the nation’s needy.

While working from home, the team at TLT-Turbo India started discussing the unthinkable challenges facing their less fortunate fellow citizens and decided that they wanted to step up. In a moving and overwhelmingly generous gesture, the entire team decided to donate one day’s salary to the cause. This response on an individual level inspired TLT-Turbo India management to match their donations as a company. Together they reached a total amount of just over 100 000 Rupees (1300 Euro) which was deposited into the PM Office account.

“We felt a responsibility towards this cause. We are grateful to be able to continue working from home when so many others cannot work at all. The TLT-Turbo India team working from home are in contact every day and through our discussions it came to light that this cause was something we were all thinking about. I know that this amount may not be as high as some donations by larger companies, but our intent and philosophy is always do what we can to care for others and I am so proud of my team for making this happen,” says Pankaj Sohoni, TLT-Turbo India Managing Director.

Global Managing Director, Rainer Redinger applauded TLT-Turbo India for their generosity and sense of responsibility toward their fellow citizens. “Civic duty and pride are near to our hearts at TLT-Turbo. This donation demonstrates this part of our corporate culture perfectly. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the various lockdowns that have been put in place across the world, the TLT-Turbo Global Team continues to show not only astounding resilience and motivation but also empathy for those who have been hardest hit. I would like to personally thank TLT-Turbo India for leading by example and for showing the world how unified action and solidarity can make a difference.”

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TLT-Turbo Donates 6000 Respiratory Masks to Help Battle Coronavirus in Germany

TLT-Turbo GmbH, a global ventilation fans and systems manufacturer with their head office located in Zweibruecken and production site in Bad Hersfeld (Germany), today announced the donation of 6000 FFP2 masks (also known as particulate filtering face piece) to help address medical supply shortages in Germany.

The masks were provided as a donation by TLT-Turbo’s parent company, PowerChina. They will be handed over to health officials from TLT-Turbo offices in Bad Hersfeld and Zweibrücken on 23 March 2020 for distribution to hospitals and other first responders facing a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our thoughts are with all those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak both locally and across the world. TLT-Turbo has operations located on five continents and so we approach this crisis with a global mindset while also acting locally within our immediate community. As a company and as individuals, we recognize the need to support the medical community to help safeguard the health and safety of German citizens during the Coronavirus crisis. We are privileged to assist with this donation that will help ease the burden of healthcare workers and medical personnel,” said TLT-Turbo Global Co-Managing Director, Mr. Rainer Redinger.

TLT-Turbo Global Co-Managing Director, Mr. Xiongfei Zhao commented that TLT-Turbo is grateful for the support of their parent company, PowerChina. “PowerChina and TLT-Turbo have always had a relationship based on mutual support and cooperation. In this time of need, our relationship allows us to respond to the challenge facing our colleagues in Germany. We are grateful for the role that PowerChina has played in allowing TLT-Turbo to make a meaningful contribution to the fight against COVID-19 in Germany.”

The health and well-being of TLT-Turbo employees, their families and all German citizens remains a top priority for the company.

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TLT-Turbo GmbH Response to the Coronavirus

TLT-Turbo GmbH is closely monitoring developments around the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and our priority remains the safety of our employees and our clients. Importantly, our employees remain dedicated to ensuring we deliver on our commitment to our clients amid these challenging times.

TLT-Turbo, Global Co-Managing Director, Rainer Redinger: “TLT-Turbo is closely monitoring developments around the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a company with a global footprint, our priority remains the safety of our employees and our clients. Importantly, we remain dedicated to ensuring that we deliver on our commitment to our clients amid these challenging times. TLT-Turbo is taking our response to the developing Coronavirus outbreak seriously and we have put measures in place to ensure ongoing production and remote assistance for clients. Ensuring that TLT-Turbo is operationally resilient is of paramount importance to our clients and organization. As the number of Coronavirus cases continues to climb, we are taking steps to ensure that we are, in fact, resilient.”

Specific arrangements for each of TLT-Turbo’s 15 offices located worldwide will be based on local legislation and government responses but plans are in place to ensure our operational continuity.

Thanks to intensive and coordinated efforts, the COVID-19 situation in China is improving with the number of confirmed cases decreasing from last month. TLT-Turbo has received reports from our office in Sichuan stating that as of 25 March 2020 no TLT-Turbo employees in the region have been infected with the Coronavirus and that they are now once again operational. Stringent hygiene and prevention protocols are in place for all employees and while sales discussions are still limited to electronic platforms, these developments are encouraging.

Currently, TLT-Turbo manufacturing facilities in the USA, Korea and Germany are also operational. The staff present at these sites have been provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) as advised by global health organizations and all recommended hygiene measures are in place. The number of staff on site has been reduced where required along with the number of suppliers and external persons allowed on site. All suppliers are required to comply with TLT-Turbo’s prevention protocols on arrival.

The closures affecting manufacturing and delivery currently include TLT-Turbo Africa and TLT-Turbo India who are subject to government mandated national shutdowns – although this only for a period of 21 days. For sales offices and smaller branches, TLT-Turbo has implemented remote working arrangements to ensure that administrational, sales and consulting processes continue as normal.  

Additional measures taken by TLT-Turbo to protect the health and safety of our staff include cancelling all work-related travel, restricting client and internal meetings to electronic platforms, and complying with client hygiene and prevention protocols if and where field services are conducted.

TLT-Turbo Global Co-Managing Director, Xiongfei Zhao: “As your trusted ventilation partner, we are taking every necessary step to continue to provide the high-quality service and stability you rely on, while safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our employees and our clients. We have and will continue to take prudent, precautionary actions that allow us to provide the excellent support you have come to expect from us – including a focus on leveraging electronic platforms as far as possible, and flexibility to accommodate client needs and ensuring we proactively engage with you to gather real-time feedback. Importantly, TLT-Turbo remains as fully functional as this global crisis allows and we are prepared to provide continuity of service as the environment around us evolves. We take tremendous pride in being trusted suppliers to your business and will do everything in our power to deliver on that promise. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact your client service teams who are ready to offer assistance in any meaningful way possible and answer any further questions.”

TLT-Turbo will continue to monitor this evolving situation in each of our regions of operation and will ensure swift and decisive responses as the situation changes.

Mr. Wan extends his gratitude to the agencies, organizations and professionals who have provided guidance to the company during this challenging period. “In our 145-year history TLT-Turbo has overcome numerous challenges to our business and survived global events that have threatened the livelihood of our employees. We have overcome these and emerged stronger. In the crisis we face today we will take every possible measure to ensure our continuity and to safeguard the wellbeing of our team along with our clients’ operations. Although this may be a time of business as ‘un-usual’ we remain agile in our delivery of ventilation solutions.”

We encourage concerned clients and suppliers to reach out their TLT-Turbo representatives in the various regions. Locate your nearest point of contact here.

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