Company: Our History

A Journey Through the History of Our Corporate Success Story

Innovation. Since 1873.

A corporate success story – at TLT-Turbo, we do not only look back at it, but we are fortunate enough to be able to continue this success every year. Behind our role as the pioneer and innovator in the fan and blower market lies a strong tradition: TLT-Turbo has been active in this market since 1873. Back then, our first products were for fans for mining ventilation in Germany. In a very short time, our high-quality solutions spread around the world – to wherever the very best fans and blowers were required.

Our History, the Details.

1827 Foundation of the Company Dinglerwerke in Zweibrücken, Germany

This company was the start of TLT-Turbo GmbH, which was created from the merger of Dinglerwerke AG, the Benno Schilde AG in Bad Hersfeld and the ventilation group of the Babcock Wilcox AG in Oberhausen. From these humble beginnings of the first mining ventilation centrifugal fan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of axial and centrifugal fans emerged.

1873 The First Radial Fan for Mining Ventilation
The first fan for mining ventilation (1873)

When the first radial fan for mining ventilation was built in 1873, and following, 1878, the first radial fan for steelmaking, the foundation was laid for TLT-Turbo to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of axial and radial fans some 140 years later.

Since then, we have delivered and installed over 6000 fans world-wide, most of which are still working today, renowned for their dependability. Today, TLT-Turbo is represented in forty countries. For us as a medium-sized enterprise, this proximity to our customer is especially important to us.



The first radial flow fan for steelmaking (1878)
1925 – 1963 Product Highlights: Construction of the First Axial Flow Fans for Power Stations

First axial flow fans for wind tunnel applications, mine ventilation, power plants and the first blade-adjustment design for fans of a coal-fired power plant.

In 1963, the first tunnel ventilation system is built.

1952 ONERA: Europe's Largest High-Speed Wind Tunnel

The largest high-speed wind tunnel is opened in the research center of ONERA (the ‘French NASA’) in the high valley of Mondane in France, with an outer impeller diameter of 15 m and a drive power of 88,000 kW. Since the start of operations in 1952, e.g., all Airbus models have been successfully tested here at near-sonic speed.

1970 Foundation of Turbo-Lufttechnik GmbH

…the current TLT-Turbo GmbH in Zweibrücken, Germany.

1975 Product Highlights: First Induced-draft Fan

for a mono unit power plant of 700 MW. In this plant, only one instead of two induced-draft fans are installed, which saves costs but, in turn, increases the demands on the availability.

1992 Product Highlights: ETW – The Coldest Windtunnel Fan

history-1992-etw-windtunnelTLT-Turbo GmbH builds and delivers the coldest windtunnel fan for the European Transonic Windtunnel (ETW) in Cologne, Germany. The tunnel is designed for temperatures from +40°C down to -183°C, and allows for measurements at high pressure (1.25 through 4.5 bar) and at very high speeds up to Mach 1.3. The maximum drive power is 65,000 kW.

These extreme capacities mean that, e.g., for aeronautic research, plane models can be tested at near-real conditions. Pressure, temperature and speed can be regulated sepearately.


Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. at the opening ceremony of the ETW
1998 Product Highlights: The Ferrari Formula 1 Wind Tunnel

history-1998-windtunnel-ferrariTLT delivers the famous Formula 1 wind tunnel to the Ferrari site in Maranello, Italy. The design also includes a so-called Rolling Road System to simulate the underbody effect of the Formula 1 racing cars.

1999 Foundation of TLT-Turbo, Vienna

by acquisition of the ventilation department of Waagner-Birò AG.

2002 Product Highlights: The CIRA Icing Windtunnel

history-2002-cira-icing-windtunnelThe CIRA Icing windtunnel uses an innovative system to generate artificial clouds that simulate every possible natural icing condition for aircrafts. The tunnel in Capua, Italy, was realized by TLT in a construction period of 24 months.

2003 Change of Name to TLT-Turbo GmbH

as a subsidiary of the company KK&K AG to create the TurboGroup.

Foundation of our representative office TLT-Turbo in Moscow.

2004 Product Highlights: TLT-Turbo Passes the Fire Test for Tunnel and Metro Fans

Development and inspection of axial flow fans with blade adjustment according to EN 12 101 part 3 at the MPA in Braunschweig, Germany.

2004 Introduction of the Continuous Improvement System “P3”

which promotes improvement at all corporate levels together with the employees. The standardization and the acceleration of all processes of the company are helping to continuously improve our processes to remain competitive in the global markets.

2006 Acquisition of TLT-Turbo GmbH by Siemens AG

to extend their range of services.

2006 Foundation of CKPF (Chengdu KK&K Power Fans)

in Chengdu, China, a joint venture with CPMW (Chengdu Power Machinery Works), a company of POWERCHINA. In 2016, the company has been renamed in TLT-Turbo (Sichuan).

2007 Product Highlights: Centrifugal Fan with the Biggest Impeller Diameter

TLT-Turbo GmbH builds a centrifugal fan with an outer impeller diameter of 5.4 m for a pellet plant in Brazil.

2008 Product Highlights: Innovation for a Russian Coal Mine

TLT commissions a main ventilation system for a Russian coal mine, based on two 4.5 m axial flow fans. These fans are capable of an air flow reversion of more than 90 % by hydraulic blade adjustment.

2009 Product-Highlights: TLT-Turbo Builds the Biggest Aero-acoustic Windtunnel Fan

This fan for the windtunnel of the University of Tongji, Shanghai, China, features an outer impeller diameter of 8.5 m.

2011 Product Highlights: TLT-Turbo for Europe's Largest Copper Mine

mining-polkowiceIn Polkowice-Sieroszowice, Poland, Europe’s largest copper mine is set up. TLT-Turbo gets commision to deliver Europe’s largest mine ventilation system.

2013 Product Highlights: Introduction of a Product Configuration System

to establish a common basis to facilitate international collaboration.

2014 Product Highlights: Order of 30 Fans for the Power Plant Site of Yanbu

in Saudi Arabia. This concerns 5 oil-fired units at 620 MW each and a corresponding seawater desalination plant.

Market launch of aerodynamically optimized high-pressure blade profiles in order to achieve smaller and cheaper fan sizes with unchanged aerodynamic performance especially for power stations.

2014 Acquisition of TLT-Turbo by POWERCHINA

POWERCHINA (Power Construction Corporation of China) is wholly owned by the Chinese state and in the meantime one of the world’s 200 biggest companies.

In the same year, foundation of TLT-Turbo Inc. in Akron, Ohio, USA, to intensify the market activities in North America and

Foundation of a representative office in Beijing.

2015 Product Highlights: TLT-Turbo to deliver to 24 New Large Power Stations in South Africa

First commissioning of a total of 24 robust ID fans for the safe operation of new large power stations in South Africa.

In the same year, TLT is contracted to deliver a Sinter Waste Gas Fan at Baosteel, Shanghai, the largest and most profitable steel plant in China.

2015 Foundation of TLT ACTOM in South Africa

as a joint venture to obtain market access in the Republic of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Countries for mining, industry and power fans, and to secure and grow the aftersales business to become a full-service provider for all installed fans.

2016 Product Highlights: Ventilation for the World's Largest Diamond Mine

The world’s largest diamond in Alrosa, Russia features ventilation by TLT-Turbo.

2016 Product Highlights: Opening of the Gotthard-Basis Tunnel
Anlieferung der Betriebslüfter für den Gotthard-Basis-Tunnel
Delivery of one of the TLT fans at the Gotthard-Basis tunnel

At the time of opening, the Gotthard-Basis Tunnel is not only the longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world. The project also drew international attention by the media because the completion happened earlier than planned and below budget.

The tunnel’s ventilation design is a work by TLT: Heavy-duty fans, developed specifically for this purpose, do not only provide the tunnel with fresh air, but also ensure smoke extraction in case of fire and a separate ventilation of escape ways.

2016 Product Highlights: Introduction of the MVR Turbo Fan

At two international fairs, the new MVR Turbo fan is presented, a new development of TLT-Turbo for mechanical vapor recompression.

2016 New International Subsidiaries (South America, South Korea, India)

In South America, South Korea and India, we are founding more local TLT-Turbo subsidiaries in order to be even closer, faster and more flexible as the local partner to our customers.