TLT News

Digitalization offers a tremendous future business potential, also for TLT-Turbo as a medium-sized company. Not only regarding the optimization of production processes, also in line with new data-based services.
On June, 12th 2018 scientists and fellows from the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern had a meeting with staff from TLT-Turbo with the slogan: Digitalization@TLT.

This platform supports to discuss how digital changes at TLT-Turbo might be implemented und further advanced. Therefore, the event represented a first introduction for a mutual and successful future cooperation between theoretical ideas and helpful practical approaches.

External views on processes and products of TLT-Turbo can help to identify new potentials for improvements and new customer based information on product usage.

“Digitalization started at TLT-Turbo already long time ago and to keep it running faster, we want to place this topic on the right track in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern as a consulting organization,” says Dr. Steven Diehl, Global Director of R&D at TLT-Turbo.

“Our employees can be supported physically and mentally with digital assisting systems to work more efficient and stress-free. In a result, that benefits especially our customers,” added Oliver Luger, who played a major role in organizing the successful event.

Intense networking offers additional possibilities to bundle existing forces and strengthen the whole area and economic region Western Palatinate together.