TLT News

TLT-Turbo is known as one of the world’s leading solution providers in the global fan industry. Its wide range of fan products for the Mining Industry, Power Stations, Wind Tunnel Industry, Rail & Road Tunnels, Metro Stations, Steel, Cement, Food and other industries has been continuously improved for more than 100 years by mindful listening to customers and taking their advice and requirements into account for any new designs and product improvements. TLT-Turbo is continuously distinguishing itself by providing well-planned and energy efficient fan solutions in close proximity to its esteemed customers.

The success stories of many fan companies like Turbo Lufttechnik GmbH, Dingler fans, KK&K fans, Babcock-BSH fans have been merged over the years and are still existing under the umbrella of TLT-Turbo. Beyond that, a number of sister companies, subsidiaries and licensed partnerships were founded and the company increased its impact on the global market – one of them ‘TLT-Babcock Inc.’, founded in 1975.

‘TLT-Babcock Inc.’ assisted the customers in North and South America under the technology license from its German sister company ‘Turbo Lufttechnik GmbH’ and received regular updates on designs, blade profiles, engineering and QA policies. The last of these technology transfers was conducted in 2000.

In 2002, the relationship between Turbo Lufftechnik GmbH and TLT-Babcock Inc. ended due to the insolvency of the common parent company ‘Babcock Borsig’. Consequently, TLT-Babcock was sold to The New York Blower Company without a technology license and no further technology support and transfer was given, while Turbo Lufttechnik was re-established under its present name TLT-Turbo.

In the following years, from 2002 until now, TLT-Turbo has been focused on a continuing further development and improvement of its core products, like rotors, blades, compact bearings and hydraulic blade adjustment systems. While the type designations were always kept the same, most products have been upgraded to higher efficiency, flexibility of use, longer lifetime and reduced operating costs. In fact, 85% of TLT-Turbo’s fan products have been substantially changed and improved in the past 18 years.

We, TLT-Turbo feel the confusion about our brand among our valued customer community and hope we could resolve it by the above given explanations. At the same time we would like to ensure all concerned individuals, that TLT-Turbo, its present subsidiaries, licensees and representatives in your proximity are the sole providers of OEM spare parts and services for all ‘TLT’ and ‘KK&K’ fans based on the latest TLT Technology.