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Remote Service

Virtual Fan Maintenance & Troubleshooting Assistance: The software platform provides easy access by making use of a web app/ browser version which means that no lengthy or complicated installation is needed. TLT-Turbo offers swift technical support to ensure a seamless experience. (Language: English)

Hydraulic Upgrade

The upgrade of the hydraulic blade adjustment to the latest generation with a proportional valve sets new standards in terms of economy, availability and reliability. This upgrade brings your in line with the latest technology in hydraulic blade adjustment. (Language: English)

Stall Warning Unit

The TLT-Turbo Stall Warning Unit monitors the aerodynamic condition of heavy-duty fans, determines the load point and compares it to the limit curves laid down by using a local indicator and signals for processing in a superior plant control system or control room. (Language: English)


In cooperation with Mosen Ltd. we have reimagined the traditional jet fan. The new innovative design of the MoJet® is aerodynamic and efficient, resulting in more thrust without any additional power. Watch our teaser now and stay tuned for more information coming soon! (Language: English)

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