From February 21-22, 2024, we, from the Service and Power business segment, took part in Maintenance in Dortmund for the first time with a young, dynamic team as one of over 200 exhibitors in a year in which record attendance figures were reported!

This is Germany’s largest network on the topic of maintenance trade fairs.

The companies presented the latest technologies, from AI controlled predictive maintenance solutions to innovative IoT applications. –  Maintenance

In addition to their role as exhibitors, our colleagues also had the opportunity to get an idea of the exhibitors as visitors and find new products that make everyday work on the construction site easier. The exchange with the Fraunhofer Institute on the topic of additive manufacturing, which we are already working on internally in order to be able to offer further repair options in the future, was also valuable.

The interactive workshops and presentations provided insights into the future of maintenance and opened up opportunities for cross-industry cooperation. – Maintenance

We were able to make many new contacts, including potential new customers and interested parties from various sectors who shared specific problems and needs with us. The main topics of interest to our customers are wear protection, aerodynamic measurements and the resulting upgrade options.

The topic of AI in the field of maintenance is also becoming increasingly present, as we could see from both the presentations and the large number of exhibitors.

Maintenance is a major topic of sustainability, which is also becoming more and more present due to emerging laws and obliges many companies to prove this in the future. The Fraunhofer Institute is also currently asking itself what sustainability looks like in a manufacturing company and how it can be “measured”.

We are excited about further developments in these areas and are already looking forward to them to representing TLT-Turbo again next year.