TLT-Turbo will be representing the next generation of dairy industry equipment at the 2023 Cheese Con, Co-hosted by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association and the Centre for Dairy Research. The event takes place from 4 – 6 April 2023 at the Alliant Energy Centre in Madison, Wisconsin.

Cheese Con is an annual event attracting over 3,000 dairy industry leaders, suppliers, and marketers who come together to share information about the latest in cheese technology, workforce, whey opportunities, product safety, marketing and dairy exports. The Conference will feature impactful seminars, networking events, and its largest-ever tabletop exhibition hall, featuring the industry’s most trusted supplier partners – under the banner of this year’s theme: Global Ideas for Dairy Processors.

“CheeseCon is the only event that combines CDR’s world-class technical expertise, a 75,000-square-foot exhibit hall, and ample opportunities for connection – all with a unique focus on dairy processing,” says WCMA Events Director Judy Keller.

TLT-Turbo representatives Jon Hampshire, John Landis, and Mario Schmidt will be attending the event and are looking forward to showcasing TLT-Turbo’s range for Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR).

TLT-Turbo’s exhibition will focus on the MVR fan range. According to Mario Schmidt, Head of the MVR Fans business segment, the features of TLT-Turbo’s MVR fan, such as the lower maintenance requirements and the introduction of hybrid ceramic bearings, will definitely attract the attention of dairy operations.

The implementation of hybrid ceramic bearings is a key differentiator of the TLT-Turbo MVR fan. The hybrid ceramic bearings used in TLT-Turbo MVR fans are life time greased and can be operated for up to 10 years without requiring maintenance. To enhance this benefit for clients, TLT-Turbo introduced an additional device to the fan’s design that allows for the bearing to be re-greased from the outside to further simplify maintenance and to increase the fans’ service life.

The fact that the TLT-Turbo MVR fans do not require an oil change is highly valuable to operators in the dairy, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. “In a clean environment, not having to introduce chemicals such as oil to the environment when maintaining crucial equipment is highly valuable. In addition, this makes our fans kinder to the environment as well. Other fans on the market consumer around 40 to 60 litres of oil per year whereas our fans consume 60 to 120 litres over a ten-year period,” explains Schmidt.

High motor speeds, a wide range of optimized impellers and the allowance for high temperature and pressure increases complement the lifetime greased hybrid ceramic bearings to ensure that clients benefit from the enhanced performance and efficiency that they have come to expect from TLT-Turbo products. These factors allow for operation of the fan below critical speed which ensures both reliability and safe operation.

TT-Turbo’s MVR offering has been expanded to include low-flow and medium-flow ranges. The medium and low flow MVR ranges both offer the same technical features and benefits, however the key differences are that low flow range is characterized by having a significantly smaller and more compact size while still delivering higher efficiencies while the medium range fans are able to handle larger mass flows at high efficiencies.

TLT-Turbo’s exhibition is located at Stand 1222. Media and visitors are invited to the stand for comments and information on TLT-Turbo, current MVR and dairy industry ventilation trends and event feedback. Jon Hampshire, John Landis, and Mario Schmidt will be present to answer all questions.