TLT-Turbo in Bad Hersfeld places emphasis on dual study program

Bad Hersfeld. Three generations of StudiumPlus – This is what you will find at TLT-Turbo, one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologically advanced industrial fans and ventilation systems, at the company location Bad Hersfeld. Roman Lenk, Head of Logistics, is a StudiumPlus graduate in Management and Logistics, and both he and the company are very impressed with the StudiumPlus program. Milena Fladung and Alea Wolf, both StudiumPlus graduates, work with Lenk in the company’s logistics department. Roman Lenk is convinced: “With the dual study program, we can develop specialists who will stay with the company in the long term.”

Lenk himself is the best proof of this: in 2013, he started his bachelor’s degree at the partner company TLT-Turbo in Bad Hersfeld as the company’s first dual student. After completing his studies, he stayed with the company and in 2020 took over as head of the logistics department with 21 employees. “If I hadn’t already gotten to know the company so well during my studies, I wouldn’t have been able to take on this position so quickly,” Lenk says.

As one of its tasks is to promote young talent, TLT-Turbo has sent Milena Fladung, the next student, to the Bad Hersfeld campus. The 21-year-old was intensively supervised by Lenk during her project phases in the company, graduated as best of her year and has now taken over the process and project management for the logistics department. She is also the process owner for a new IFS implementation, “a very important interface”, as Lenk points out. Alea Wolf also sits in the office with the two of them. The 22-year-old is now in her fourth semester of studying Logistics Management and is once again being mentored by Ms Fladung.

“This is a good example of how a company can work together with StudiumPlus over a longer period of time to specifically develop junior staff,” Campus Director Prof. Dr. Fabian Tjon says. It is not important to send students every year, but to send them when you need a specialist or manager in your company.

Roman Lenk agrees: “We don’t train en masse, but in a very targeted way, and during the project phases we look to see which area the student is best suited for.” Offering prospects and a future in the company is one of the key factors in retaining young talent. The large network of StudiumPlus, with around 1,000 partner companies, is also of interest to TLT-Turbo, even if it does not send students every year. “In addition, the cooperation with StudiumPlus and thus with the is very positive for the company’s image,” he is convinced.

Milena Fladung and Alea Wolf both appreciate the fact that the company had a precise plan for their practical phases – and that they got to know it from the ground up. “I started in the warehouse, got to know the employees and quickly felt part of the team,” Wolf says. Now she appreciates the fact that she can not only continue to accompany her practical projects, but also work on other projects to get to know as many aspects as possible – and that her projects, such as reducing packaging costs, are of great importance to the company. For Roman Lenk, it is essential that the students take on tasks that are actually implemented.

“Many companies don’t take the time to invest in young talent,” Lenk says. At the same time, it is in their own hands to promote young talent in a very targeted way. TLT-Turbo employs StudiumPlus graduates not only in logistics but also in construction. Milena Fladung and Alea Wolf are also enthusiastic about the dual study program. That’s why they both act as school ambassadors. They visit schools to inform them about the opportunities offered by dual study.

TLT-Turbo GmbH is a leading supplier of turnkey ventilation and process fans. Their solutions are used worldwide for conveying air and gases, cooling, smoke extraction, and a variety of other industrial processes. Headquartered in Zweibrücken, Germany, the company employs approximately 380 people, of which approximately 140 are located in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, where the production, logistics, and quality assurance facilities are located.

StudiumPlus is the dual study program of the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen and the Competence Center Duale Hochschulstudien. The program includes a full bachelor’s or master’s degree at Hessen’s largest university of applied sciences, combined with intensive practical experience. The main campus is in Wetzlar, with six other locations, including the Bad Hersfeld campus.

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