As part of the annual summer tour of the Rhineland-Palatinate FDP parliamentary group, FDP delegates led by Justice Minister Herbert Mertin, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group Philipp Fernis, Deputy Parliamentary Group Chairwoman Cornelia Willius-Senzer, Deputy Parliamentary Group Chairman Steven Wink, and State Secretary of Justice Matthias Frey visited TLT-Turbo at its Zweibrücken site. The summer tour takes place every year in the first week of the parliamentary summer recess and enables the members of parliament to come into direct contact with companies and social institutions throughout Rhineland-Palatinate. Each day of the tour is concluded with a public event.

Part of the FDP delegates together with representatives of TLT-Turbo, f.l.t.r.: Matthias Kraemer, Dr. Sebastian Fleder, Florian Neff, Marco Weber, Philipp Fernis, Herbert Mertin, Matthias Adamy, Cornelia Willius-Senzer, Matthias Frey, Steven Wink

Mr. Zhao briefly welcomed our guests and kicked off the event. Thereafter, Mr. Adamy introduced the company and provided information about our product range and application areas, our international locations and our corporate structure – also with regards to PowerChina and the cooperation.

Besides a general introduction of the company, Mrs. Pirmann reported on HR issues, especially on the topic of visa procedures – an important issue for us when sending employees abroad or to us in Germany. She gave three examples of the many challenges and hurdles involved in these processes. The delegates showed great interest in these first-hand reports, and a lively discussion ensued on possible improvements and offers of assistance. In this context, Steven Wink (Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Group) offered his support in protracted cases.

Dr. Fleder reported on the challenges of obtaining funding for research projects. Although Zweibrücken is classified as a “structurally weak region”, which would suggest that obtaining funding would be easier, he explained that this is not the case. He outlined different funding options, while emphasizing the many hurdles that must be overcome along the way. Despite the options available, the application process is often tedious, time-consuming, and unfortunately, often with little chance of success. The presentation led to a lively discussion in which it was hoped that bureaucratic hurdles would be removed and that digitization would be promoted in order to facilitate access to funding in the future.

The visit also included a tour of our site, led by Mr. Neff:

This included a presentation of our test stands in the test hall and the various test procedures that are conducted. Next up was the Blue Hall where Mr. Herz presented the MoJet fan. A fog machine was used to fill the hall with smoke to demonstrate the MoJet’s rapid
extraction. This not only illustrated the performance of the fan, but also provided a clear visualization of the airflow lines.

At the end of the event, Philipp Fernis, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group, expressed his gratitude on behalf of all delegates for the warm welcome and the informative presentation of the company’s activities. The delegates were especially impressed by the demonstration of the MoJet and the presentation of one of our products in action. We were also pleased with the visit of the FDP delegates and are confident that this paved the way for future effective political contacts.