TLT-Turbo GmbH has appointed SMH, a specialist in rotating equipment and fan maintenance services, as an Authorized Service Partner. SMH will now be a service agent for TLT-Turbo, helping to extend TLT-Turbo’s reach in the region with a focus on their professional services.

Through close co-operation between parties on both sides, a contract was successfully concluded and agreed to with SMH now being authorized to conduct maintenance, repairs, and complementary services on TLT-Turbo ventilation equipment. Work conducted by SMH will initially be limited to mandated ranges and models and will be carried out according to TLT-Turbo processes and standards. TLT-Turbo engineers will continue to provide support when needed, and for special cases that may arise.

After the agreement was concluded, the two companies conducted numerous meetings to strengthen their partnership and to facilitate knowledge sharing.

The TLT-Turbo team is conducting a site visit in September and the two teams will be collaborating on international service standards, including quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management. They will also be visiting client sites together, addressing subcontractor management and qualification processes, plant equipment, personnel qualification and training, prospects, and cooperation. Staff training in Germany and on site in Saudi Arabia is also in the works.